Perhaps you already know a little about EURO26. Maybe friends or even parents said something about trips, discounts, something… We won’t bore you with our story, exactly 25 years ago we set up something in Gdańsk and sent faxes, telexes to do anything.

However, we will tell you something about EURO26.

We love making people’s lives easier. We know what youth is, we know the dynamics and we realize that almost everyone wants to have as much as possible in the shortest possible time. We understand it perfectly.

We talk to young people and their parents every day. Almost every day we manage to make one person happy. “Really? Does it work in Cambodia? Yes, it works.

You can quickly find a flight via skyscanner, and booking accommodation is an even simpler operation. Some people buy travel insurance in addition to tickets. We are glad that this group is growing.

That’s what EURO26 is for, to make your life easier and to have one less worry when planning your trip. Buying insurance is just a few minutes, sending the policy by e-mail works automatically. You settle the matter in 3-4 minutes.

Insurance is nothing but convenience. The comfort that gives me the knowledge that if anything bad happens to me, someone will help me. 

EURO26 is not only insurance. We are a youth organization that was able to negotiate with UNIQA one of the cheapest and probably the best insurance for young travelers, students, athletes, employees, also for you!

Price? Definitely less than you think. Our flagship variant offers a quarter of a million EURO for treatment abroad. It costs PLN 215 per year. You use all over the world. Thailand, Peru, Spain. Everywhere except USA and Canada.

It’s nice to buy a ticket to Disneyland cheaper? Exactly… With EURO26 you will receive over 60,000 discounts in Europe.

Insurance and discounts? Easy, right? What if we added youth projects to this, thanks to which we have already sent a dozen or so young people from Poland to the farthest corners of Europe? Serbia, Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, Croatia and even Mallorca. We were there together with people who have EURO26. We are part of the European Youth Card Association, with whom we do amazing things.

Not much? How about a series of free workshops where we teach how to manage projects? We taught in Warsaw at Startberry and at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Contests? Yes.

App? Yes.

There are others online. They are, but do they offer the same thing?

Why 7 million? There are so many people with EURO26 in Europe.

Want to join?

phone 58 690 40 60 (open Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30)

e-mail – kontakt@euro26.pl

FB – facebook.com/euro26pl