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Can I get a spare copy of my Card?

Yes. In order to receive a spare, first send 10 PLN to:


Youth Projects Managements Sp z o.o.,

PKO BP o/Gdynia

85 1440 1387 0000 0000 1397 5248,

with the header "Spare EURO26 Card for …".


Then send us a copy of the payment confirmation and a copy of the issuing application (for the original Card) by fax: 58 690 40 60; or by e-mail:

We will send the copy of your Card by mail to a designated (Polish) address.



Losing your card does not result in losing your insurance, it remains valid until the lost Card's expiry date.

What is the age restriction for EURO26 Card Holders?

The EURO26 Card is dedicated to people between 5 and 30 years of age. It can be registered as late as two days before your 30th birthday and in that case it will be valid for the next 365 days. What matters is your age at the time of Card purchase.

What is the difference between EURO26 CLASSIC and STUDENT?

EURO26 CLASSIC – for people who don't study

EURO26 STUDENT (STUDENT IDENTITY CARD) – for all people who study, regardless of the type of educational facility and learning mode.

Is the EURO26 Card number the same as my insurance number?

Yes, the number of your EURO26 Card is at the same time the number of your insurance policy.

How to extend the validity of my EURO26 Card?

After your EURO26 Card expires, you need to purchase a new one.


In case of remaining abroad, you can write a permission for a third party (in Poland) to purchase a Card in your stead and then send it to you by post – or order the Card yourself.


In case of purchasing the EURO26 Card while already abroad, the insurance becomes effective 7 days after the purchase.

I am graduating from university in a month. Will my EURO26 Card remain valid?

Loss of the student status will not affect the validity of the EURO26 Card. But next time you need to purchase the Classic version.

Can I change the type of my EURO26 Card?

No. Once you have purchased your Card, the choice becomes final.

However, you can buy additional insurance for an insurance-less Card, or extend the lower variant of insurance for your current Card.

What are the available EURO26 Card insurance bundles?

There are four insurance options available for the Card Holders:



– WORLD (minus US and Canada)

– SPORT (minus US and Canada)

What is the territorial range of the EURO26 insurance?

The insurance range depends on the purchased option:

– Polska and Polska Sport are valid only in Poland

– World and Sport are valid around the world (minus US and Canada)


Holders of the EURO26 Card can purchase additional insurances in case of travelling to United States or Canada.

Who provides the insurance?

Our insurances are provided by AXA Ubezpieczenia Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A. insurance company (, based on the General Agreement no. 11282/B from 7 August 2012. Current insurance conditions were introduced on 15 June 2010.

Where can I find the insurance terms and conditions?

Detailed insurance terms and conditions can be found on the site and the Download Documents section.


To learn about the details of your insurance, contact AXA Ubezpieczenia TUiR S.A.:

– hotline: 801 200 200

– tel.: 22 575 90 80

What is the EURO26 hotline number?

EURO26 hotline number: 58 690 40 60


working hours: 8:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday

Closed on the weekends

Connection cost by local tariff.

When does the insurance period start?

Insurance granted by the EURO26 Card is valid from the day after the Card purchase.



– if you are abroad when the Card is purchased, the insurance becomes valid 7 days after the Card is issued.

– if the Card is ordered via Internet, the insurance becomes valid one day after receiving the Card fee.

How do I extend my insurance to US and Canada?

Every holder of the EURO26 Card can purchase an insurance for a trip to US or Canada, issued by AXA Ubezpieczenia TUiR S.A. with convenient fees available in two options:

– medical treatment costs insurance up to 30 000 EUR, insurance against accidents up to 4 000 EUR, luggage insurance up to 400 EUR and civil liability up to 50000 EUR (cost: 3.20 PLN/day)

– with medical treatment costs insurance up to 50 000 EUR, and other insurances as above (3.60 PLN/day)

The full offer can be found here >>>

Is my EURO26 insurance valid even though there are no discounts in a given country?

Yes, you are insured regardless of whether the given country honours your EURO26 Card.


Since 1 May 2004 Polish citizens gained access to medical services in all EU countries with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the National Health Fund. EHIC does not replace tourist insurance and it does not guarantee all services free of charge. Usually, it allows for partial refund of medical treatment costs. This not includes i.e. refund of return trip costs. With the EURO26 Card, these costs are covered by the insurance company.

Medical treatment costs abroad?

Medical treatment insurance is available in WORLD and SPORT bundles. It covers the costs of medical treatment received abroad, including hospitalization and medicine cost. When you leave Poland it is worth to have an insurance covering medical treatment costs. The EURO26 Card provides that – and so much more.


EURO26 insurance (WORLD and SPORT bundles) covers medical treatment costs up to 60 000 EUR.


If you fall ill abroad and the doctor issues a prescription, the original receipts are the basis for return of any sustained costs.

Does the insurance cover the costs of medical treatment in Poland?

Medical treatment in the WORLD and SPORT insurance bundles covers the costs of medical treatment received abroad. In Poland, workers and students are insured at the National Health Fund.

Insurance against Accidents

This is a benefit issued in case of injuries sustained due to accidents, paid out at the end of medical treatment.

All available EURO26 Card insurance bundles (POLSKA, POLSKA SPORT, WORLD and SPORT) include this benefit, and differ only in the value of return limits.

What is civil liability?

All four insurance bundles available for the EURO26 Card contain insurance against civil liability in private life, dedicated to personal or material losses. If you unintentionally cause damage, the EURO26 civil liability insurance will cover all related expenses. However, remember that all civil liability grievances require own share of 250 EUR.

Civil liability sublimit for exercising sports?

Civil Liability sublimit for damages related to competitive and extreme sports as part of sections or sports clubs, exercising high-risk and amateur sports, amounts to 5 000 EUR with EURO26 SPORT Card and 10 000 PLN in case of EURO26 POLSKA SPORT Card. Civil liability sublimit relates to personal and material damage. Remember that all civil liability grievances require own share of 250 EUR.

Does the EURO26 insurance work at school/university as well?

Yes. There is no obligation to purchase additional insurance at school. Don't pay for insurance policy twice. In case your educational facility requires a proof of insurance, it is enough to show them your Card certificate.

Which insurance option covers amateur sports?

Amateur sports, with the exception of skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wind– and kitesurfing, and teambuilding practices are covered by the WORLD bundle.


Sports such as amateur skiing, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing require the EURO26 SPORT Card. If you participate in competitions or training camps, or practise any of the above-mentioned disciplines, high-risk sports or extreme sports, you also need the EURO26 SPORT Card.

Search and rescue operations, medical transportation?

The EURO26 SPORT insurance covers the costs of search and rescue operations. The maximum sum covered is the equivalent of 5 000 EUR, and is a sublimit of the medical treatment expenses insurance.

Sprains, dislocations, tendon ruptures?

Holders of the EURO26 SPORT and EURO26 POLSKA SPORT Cards are insured against such injuries. Depending on the type of dislocation, the percentage of permanent health damage amounts to 1.5–20%.


Sprains and tendon ruptures are not insured by any version of the EURO26 Card.

What do I do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident or other occurrence abroad, you need to immediately inform the Emergency Centre.


24/7 Emergency Centre:

tel.   +48 22 575 90 80

sms +48 661 000 017

fax   +48 22 575 90 82


This institution deals with organising medical help abroad, securing the medical treatment cost and issuing other benefits.


Additional information and forms for reporting damage can be found in the Document Downloads section.


Emergency Centre – mailing address

Inter Partner Assistance Polska S.A.

ul. Prosta 68

00–838 Warszawa

How much time do I have to report damages?

Accidents – damages must be reported to AXA in writing within 3 months from their occurrence. After the medical treatment and rehabilitation, but no later than 36 months from the day of the occurrence, you need to send the filled damage report form along with all relevant medical documentation to the address disclosed therein.


Medical treatment abroad – in case of an accident or other occurrence abroad you need to immediately contact the Emergency Centre. A failure to do so reduces the grievances by 40 EUR. The reduction will not take place in case of objective lack of contact with the Centre (loss of consciousness, serious accident, etc.). Each time after returning to Poland – regardless of any previous contact with the Emergency Centre (or lack thereof) – the Holder is obliged to fill and sign a damage report and send it along with the original receipts and all required documents by mail to the address listed in the insurance terms and conditions.


Civil liability – each time after return to Poland – regardless of any previous contact with the Emergency Centre (or lack thereof), the Holder is obliged to fill and sign a damage report and send it along with original receipts and all required documents by mail to the address listed in the insurance terms and conditions.

Am I entitled to any benefits in case of death of a relative or birth of a child?

The insurance granted by the EURO26 Card does not include any benefits related to death of a relative or childbirth.

Who covers the medical treatment costs abroad?

Medical treatment costs are covered by the Insurance Provider. In case of a sudden occurrence, Holders must immediately contact the Emergency Centre: INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE POLSKA S.A.; tel. +48 22 575 90 80; sms +48 661 000 017; fax +48 22 575 90 82.


The Emergency Centre is open 24/7, with service provided in Polish. This institution deals with organising medical assistance abroad, securing medical treatment costs and issuing other benefits. Failure to inform the Emergency Centre about the occurrence abroad results in reducing the grievances by 40 EUR. The reduction will not take place in case of justified lack of contact with the Centre (loss of consciousness, serious accident, etc.).


If you failed to report to the Emergency Centre, remember to obtain the doctor's diagnosis and the original of the receipt.


Are studying, working abroad, and internships covered by the insurance?

Yes. The WORLD and SPORT options grant such an insurance (studying, study practice, internship, legal work abroad) for a year from the day it was acquired. You must have all permits required by the law of the country in which you work. Your insurance is confirmed by a personal insurance certificate, issued in Polish and English. It can be obtained along with the Card and is also available at the website in the "Buy on-line" tab. CAUTION! If you have lost or want to print the certificate and the card issuing application, please click this link.

Can foreigners apply for the EURO26 Card?

Yes. However, the medical treatment insurance does not apply in the country of permanent residence, Poland (does not cover medical treatment insurance in any other case either), US and Canada. In other countries, a foreign holder of the Polish issue of the Card is protected by the medical treatment insurance, accidents insurance and civil liability insurance.

When can I use my orthopaedic visit?

ATTENCION!!! Only for EURO26 Cards issued to March 31st 2017.

Twice a year, Holders of the EURO26 Card with WORLD or SPORT insurance bundles are allowed a free consultation with orthopaedist or surgeon, as well as x-ray one limb – only in case the accident took place during their stay outside the Polish borders and the insurance provider had been informed.

When can I apply for my rehabilitation sessions?

ATTENCION!!! Only for EURO26 Cards issued to March 31st 2017.

Everyone who becomes a EURO26 Card Holder with World or Sport insurance bundle can use their 20 rehabilitation only if they sustained an injury while abroad and notified the Insurer about this occurrence.

Does the insurance cover for chronic and tropical diseases?

Chronic diseases are not covered by the EURO26 Card insurance.


Exclusions of tropical diseases are present in the accidents policy, Section 20, point 6 – the Insurer is not responsible.

In terms of medical treatment cost for tropical diseases, the agreement does not contain any limits of responsibility.

Are the EURO26 Card and the EYCA Card the same thing?

EURO26 and EYCA are different names for the same card. The EURO26/EYCA Card can appear under different names, such as "Carnet Joven" (Spain) or "Young Scot" (Soctland). The key identifying element is the logo that appears on the Card.

How do I obtain discounts?

If you want to use your discount, go to our discount search HERE and filter the search.

Look for places or shops with a "We accept EURO26 Card" stickers. Also, do not be afraid to ask!

If you know a place where you would like to have a discount in the future, tell us at and we will contact the appointed location.

Where can I find the full list of discounts in Poland?

All discounts are listed in the discount search HERE. In Poland we have over four thousand discounts!

Where can I find the full list of discounts in Europe?

A list of discounts abroad is available at our website, in the discount search HERE. In Europe we have over 60 thousand discounts!

In how many countries will I get discounts?

The EURO26 Card is accepted in 33 countries: Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Scotland.

Will I receive discounts even when I\'m over 26?

The EURO26 Card is issued to anyone under 30 years of age (at the time of purchase), but some of the Card Partners in Poland and abroad treat 26 years as the upper limit to which discounts apply. Our discount search includes this information, so if you are unsure, check the discount status HERE, contact us on Facebook or write at

Does the EURO26 Card allow commuting with discount in means of public transport: PKP, ZTM, PTM or ZKM?

The EURO26 Card does not allow public transport discounts. Check the list of our partners in order to find carriers who offer transportation discounts.

How to get my discount at an on-line store?

Our on-line partners issue discount codes which you can find in the discount descriptions HERE. You might be required to write your EURO26 Card number in the "Comments" field – such information is also provided in the discount description.

What do I do if I\'m refused a discount?

Please report it to us, either at or via our Facebook page. Describe where and when the refusal took place – we will contact our Partner and explain the issue.

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