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Why is it worth taking care of insurance for a child?

Does your child like sports? Or maybe going to a camp or school trips? Do you want to provide your child with the best protection in the event of an accident? You do not want to worry about the costs of treatment abroad, dental care, rehabilitation or purchase of prostheses? Or maybe you want your child to be able to travel and explore Poland or Europe using discounts? If so, we have the perfect solution for you:  an insurance package: accident, third party liability and travel insurance in one card: EURO26! Don’t forget that with the EURO26 card, your child will also receive year-round school insurance – it’s safe to say that it will be protected from virtually every side!

What type of insurance to choose for a child?

With the EURO26 card you have many insurance options available, you can check them all HERE. To make your choice easier, answer these three questions to start with:

What area do you want your child’s insurance to cover? Only in Poland? Abroad? Or maybe in Poland and abroad? If you are sure that your child will not go abroad even once during the year – cards from the POLSKA series will be enough for you!

Does your child do any sports activities, e.g. train a discipline or just ride a bike or play football. If this is the case, check if there are no exclusions of the insurer’s liability in connection to the child’s sport activities!

The third important question is whether you have a large amount of your own resources to cover your child’s medical expenses yourself in the event of an accident? If not, bet on a high sum insured that will be able to realistically protect such situations. You will sleep more soundly!

The experience of our clients shows that it is not worth saving on insurance and, paradoxically, the less savings you have, the more reasonable it is to buy a stronger package.

Why? Because without having an insurance policy, you will bear all the costs of saving your child out of your own wallet.

What will you gain in the richest variant of the EURO26 SPORT EXTRA Card?

We will answer briefly: a very wide scope of protection, a high sum of medical costs abroad (over PLN 1.1 million!) – and insurance at the lowest price on the market! This is not a “shell” policy!
We are writing about the EUR026 SPORT EXTRA Card not to persuade you to buy the most expensive option, but to show you how cheaply you can get such a solid level of protection for your child. You will not find such a good offer on the market! We write about it directly and with pride! Check what you get!

Child insurance for the whole year, not only in Poland, but also abroad! (outside USA and Canada)

Covering the costs of treating a child abroad and immediate assistance – up to EUR 250,000 (over PLN 1.1 million!)

Coverage of costs in the event of the need to organize a rescue operation – up to EUR 8,000!

Accident insurance (disability) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Accident insurance (permanent damage) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Personal accident insurance (death) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 2,500!

Sports accident insurance (usually excluded!)

Reimbursement of the costs of purchasing or repairing prostheses and aids – up to PLN 2,500!

Payment of a benefit for a child’s hospital stay as a result of an accident – PLN 80 for a hospital stay of up to 7 days, PLN 160 – for a hospital stay of more than 7 days

Third party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by your child in Poland and abroad – EUR 20,000/EUR 10,000!

Third-party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by your child during sports activities, in Poland and abroad – EUR 10,000/EUR 5,000!

Travel luggage insurance in case of theft, loss, destruction or damage during a trip abroad – up to EUR 200!

Cover the costs of in case of isolation or quarantine while traveling abroad – up to EUR 1,000!

Covering the costs of rehabilitation necessary as a result of accidents – up to PLN 1,000

Assistance of the Emergency Center in case of theft or loss of documents!

You can check the detailed insurance conditions for SPORT EXTRA and SPORT Cards  HERE (Chapter I § 3 section 3 and other) and information about the product can be found  HERE. And for POLSKA SPORT and POLSKA SPORT EXTRA Cards, you can check HERE and product information can be found HERE

Why is it also worth choosing child insurance with the Euro26 Card? 

because card insurance is also called school insurance!

pay once – and your child is protected all year long!

There are no travel limits for your child!

Insurance in the EURO26 card works at school, at home, during training, camps and holidays!

The EURO26 Card in the SPORT EXTRA + REH + OC option costs PLN 324.00 for the whole year.
This is less than PLN 0.89 a day for possibly covering up to EUR 250,000 of treatment costs by the insurer!


Do not hesitate and take care of your child’s safety today!