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Cheap student insurance!

If you are a student or doing your PhD and you are going for an Erasmus+ exchange, you have an amazing adventure ahead of you! To enjoy it fully, you need to take care of your safety and health. Therefore, it is essential that you have medical and accident insurance. Don’t worry, with the EURO26 Card, it’s neither complicated nor expensive! What’s more, you can use the insurance with the EURO26 Card all year round for tourist purposes! Explore the world with the EURO26 Card!

Which insurance variant will be the best for you?

With the EURO26 Card, you have as many as sixteen variants of insurance operating around the world. These are the World and Sport Cards. You can check them all HERE. What can help you choose are the answers to three magic questions to start

Where are you going? Where will you study or do an internship? World coverage applies worldwide, except USA and Canada. However, if you want to go there – we have a way to do it! First, buy a World series card, and when you receive it (within 24 hours), buy additional insurance for the USA and Canada HERE. And done!

The second question is how do you spend your time? Are you a couch potato and Netflix is ​​your world? If so, the World Card is enough for you 🙂 However, if you like mountain hiking and skiing, check out the WORLD EXTRA Card (there are rescue costs here)! And if you’re an athlete, hit the SPORT EXTRA card with rehabilitation and third party liability right away! This one will keep you safe!

The third important question is whether you have a large amount of your own resources to cover the costs of treatment and return home yourself in the event of an accident? If not, bet on the treatment costs of EUR 250,000, this is the amount that can really protect you! There is nothing to save on your health!

Erasmus+ is a great experience that will give you a chance to grow and learn about other cultures. But remember that it is also a challenge that will require independence and commitment from you. You will speak a foreign language, learn about a different culture, study in a different education system and probably travel a lot with new friends. Crazy ideas will come to your mind more than once 🙂 Before you set off on an unforgettable adventure with the Erasmus+ program, take care of your safety and health!

Why is it worth choosing the EURO26 Card?

Perhaps you do not know it, but when going abroad, the EHIC card, which entitles you to use healthcare in other countries, is not enough. Firstly, it doesn’t work everywhere, and secondly, it won’t cover every situation you might find yourself in. You also need a solid accident insurance with a high sum of medical costs. Universities require it. If you are an athlete type, choose SPORT EXTRA + REH + OC. However, if you practice sport only as an amateur – check out the most popular EURO26 WORLD EXTRA Card with the option of rehabilitation and civil liability insurance. See what you get!

Insurance for the whole year, not only in Poland, but also abroad! (outside USA and Canada)

Covering the costs of treatment abroad and immediate assistance – up to EUR 250,000 – is over PLN 1.1 million!)

Coverage of costs in the event of the need to organize a rescue operation – up to EUR 8,000!

Accident insurance (disability) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Accident insurance (permanent damage) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Personal accident insurance (death) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 2,500!

Insurance of accidents resulting from practicing sports

Reimbursement of the costs of purchasing or repairing prostheses and aids – up to PLN 2,500!

Payment of a benefit for hospital stay as a result of an accident – PLN 80 for a hospital stay of up to 7 days, PLN 160 – for a hospital stay of more than 7 days

Third party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by you in Poland and abroad – EUR 20,000/EUR 10,000!

Travel luggage insurance in case of theft, loss, destruction or damage during a trip abroad – up to EUR 200!

Covering the costs of rehabilitation necessary as a result of accidents – up to PLN 1,000

Cover the costs in case of isolation or quarantine while traveling abroad – up to EUR 1,000!

Covering the cost of bringing an additional person from Poland to your place of stay if you end up in hospital

Assistance of the Emergency Center in case of theft or loss of documents!

You can check the detailed terms and conditions of insurance for WORLD and SPORT series cards  HERE and information about insurance products HERE

Why is it also worth choosing student insurance with the Euro26 Card?

because accident insurance will also work in Poland – when you come home for Christmas 🙂

you have no travel limits during the year, you travel as much as you want!

money is not supposed to be talked about, but the price is simply amazing!

Insurance in the EURO26 card will work at the university,
while traveling, abroad and in Poland!

The EURO26 card in the WORLD EXTRA + REH + OC option costs PLN 267.00 once for the whole year!
This is less than PLN 0.73 (!) per day for the insurer’s liability of up to EUR 250,000 in the cost of your treatment!


Order a Card and go out into the world!