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Insurance for a person working abroad!

If you plan to go to work abroad, you need to think about insurance. You need a special policy that will cover you in the event of 1) sudden illness, 2) an accident, 3) chronic illness. What to look for when choosing insurance for work abroad? First of all, make sure your insurance covers the type of work you will be doing. Some policies exclude manual or risky work. Check exclusions! Be sure when your policy works! If you are chronically ill, check whether the policy will also protect you in this case!

How to choose the best insurance option?

With the EURO26 Card, you have sixteen insurance options available that you can use to work abroad. These are cards in WORLD and SPORT variants. You can check them all HERE.
When choosing an insurance option with the EURO26 Card, pay attention to the criteria below.

Territorial scope
The insurance in the EURO26 Card is valid worldwide, except for the USA and Canada. However, if you are going there, see how you can get insurance. Have a look HERE.

Scope of protection
It is good if the insurance covers the costs of treatment, hospital stay, purchase of medicines and medical supplies, medical transport, or the arrival and stay of a loved one in the event of your accident. Our Cards ensure it!

Exclusions from protection
Check what the insurer is responsible for and what it is not. You can’t insure “everything”, but look for as much coverage as possible. However, be aware that causing damage while under the influence of alcohol or working without the required permits is never covered.

If outside of work you will practice high-risk, extreme professional or competitive sports, choose a card in SPORT variants. If you practice sport only as an amateur, take a look at the WORLD EXTRA + REH + OC Card, which offers a huge sum of medical costs of EUR 250,000!

Why is travel insurance with the EURO26 Card worth choosing?

Insurance with the EURO26 Card, despite being available at very low prices, includes a very wide range of protection. What’s more, you don’t have to be in Poland to buy them! If you are already abroad, e.g. as a tourist – you can order the card online and enjoy active protection after a grace period of 7 days!
If you are going abroad as a volunteer or for an apprenticeship, you can also take advantage of the insurance. You will be subject to the same rules and privileges as a person who leaves for work! Check below what you get!

Insurance for the whole year, not only in Poland, but also abroad! (outside USA and Canada)

Covering the costs of treatment abroad and immediate assistance – up to EUR 250,000 – is over PLN 1.1 million!)

Coverage of costs in the event of the need to organize a rescue operation – up to EUR 8,000!

Accident insurance (disability) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Accident insurance (permanent damage) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Personal accident insurance (death) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 2,500!

Insurance of accidents resulting from practicing sports

Reimbursement of the costs of purchasing or repairing prostheses and aids – up to PLN 2,500!

Payment of a benefit for hospital stay as a result of an accident – PLN 80 for a hospital stay of up to 7 days, PLN 160 – for a hospital stay of more than 7 days

Third party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by you in Poland and abroad – EUR 20,000/EUR 10,000!

Travel luggage insurance in case of theft, loss, destruction or damage during a trip abroad – up to EUR 200!

Covering the costs of rehabilitation necessary as a result of accidents – up to PLN 1,000

Cover the costs in case of isolation or quarantine while traveling abroad – up to EUR 1,000!

Covering the cost of bringing an additional person from Poland to your place of stay if you end up in hospital

Assistance of the Alarm Center in case of theft or loss of documents!

You can check the detailed terms and conditions of insurance for WORLD Cards HERE and information about insurance products TUTAJ

What do you get with the EURO26 WORLD EXTRA + REHA + OC Card?

accident and liability insurance will work not only abroad, but also in Poland!

you do not need to have additional insurance to explore the world!

you can confidently practice amateur sports, e.g. skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing!

With insurance in the EURO26 Card, you can safely stay abroad for earning purposes.

You will pay only PLN 267.00 for the card for the whole year!
It is only PLN 0.73 a day, in exchange for a very high sum of medical costs abroad, coverage of rescue costs and a wide range of protection.

Order your EURO26 Card and feel safe on your way to and from work!