For just 59 PLN a year, you get access to discounts in Poland and Europe. The Card allows you to save money on pizza, coffee, lodgings, etc. Great perks await you behind every corner and the health insurance that the Card provides grants you absolute safety abroad.


Insurance – full protection in Poland and other European countries.

  • accidents insurance, all day, every day throughout the year in Poland and abroad from 0.13 PLN/day.
  • medical treatment costs insurance abroad up to 60 000 EUR, regardless of where and how long you stay.
  • insurance at school/university, during internships, volunteering or regular work.
  • insurance for enthusiasts of amateur, competitive and extreme sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, off–road ride, diving... ALL DISCIPLINES.
  • return of rescue action and search costs up to 5000 EUR
  • transportation of the insured party back to the country
  • the insurance is delivered by e–mail



  • 4 thousand discounts in Poland
  • 60 thousand discounts in 34 countries across Europe
  • shopping discounts up to 55%
  • discounts on popular brands ( Answear, Yves Rocher, Dominium Pizza)

Going abroad? Make it cheaper and easier with the EURO26 Card.

Travel and save money!


Additional options: Exclusive Packages for EURO26 Card Holders

  • additional insurances
  • additional insurances for US and Canada
  • availo-law direct – innovative provider of complex legal services



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