Art. 1

1. The following Terms and Conditions policy describes the rules of joining and participation in the EURO26 European Youth Card Programme.

The EURO26 Card is issued by the Polish Youth Project Association.

The provider of the EURO26 Card is Youth Projects Management Sp. z o.o., located at ul. Sobótki 13/2, Gdańsk, Poland.

The Participant of the programme is any Card Holder aged 5-30.

Only the certified Holders of the Card (any edition) are entitled to all discounts and benefits connected with the ownership of the Card.


Art. 2

1. The rightful Holder of the Card, issued independently or jointly with another entity by the Polish Youth Project Association (the Association) – member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) in Brussels – is a natural person aged over 5 and under 30 at the day of Card purchase.

2. The rightful Holder of the EURO26 STUDENT card is a natural person under 30 years of age (at the day of Card purchase), who is a student of any type of educational facility and learning mode.

3. As a confirmation of the Programme participation, after contributing an appropriate membership and insurance fee, the User receives a EURO26 Card in one of the versions listed below:

a) EURO26 Card without insurance – 14 PLN

b) EURO26 Card with POLAND insurance bundle – 50 PLN

c) EURO26 Card with POLAND SPORT insurance bundle – 65 PLN

d) EURO26 Card with WORLD insurance bundle – 74 PLN

e) EURO26 Card with SPORT insurance bundle – 137 PLN

4. The range of services available to the User is adjusted in the annexes to these Terms and Conditions; it details, among others, insurances and the right to benefit from various discounts. All versions of the Card grant access to discounts.


Art. 3

The Card Holder is a person who fulfils the requirements of a selected version of the Card, has purchased the Card and is registered in the Programme based on the application form attached to these Terms and Conditions (Attachment 1).

In case of persons between 5 and 16 years of age, the necessary condition to participate in the Programme is a permit of a parent or legal guardian.

A person who became a Card Holder in spite of not fulfilling the conditions presented in Art. 2 and 3 does not gain any of the listed benefits and cannot demand return of the Card purchase fee.


Art. 4

Rightful Card Holders may demand – based on the agreements signed by the Association – discounts or other benefits described in the Discount Search at the website from the institutions listed therein.

Some of the discount providers reserve their right to lower the value of the discount or refuse it completely in case of simultaneous bank card transactions.


Art. 5

Representatives of the institution honouring the Card may ask the Card Holder to present a document confirming their identity. The Holder ought to allow such identification.


Art. 6

Execution of discounts and benefits granted by the Card provider in other countries takes place in accordance with the established rules presented in Discount Guides of particular countries. The Card Holder may receive information on discounts and services abroad in places listed in the Polish version of the Card Discount Guide.


Art. 7

In case of destroying or damaging the Card, the Holder is not permitted to exchange it for a new copy. In case of destroying, damaging or losing the Card, the Holder may receive a duplicate directly from YPM Sp. z o.o.. The duplicate issuing fee is 10 PLN. The expiration date of the duplicate is the same as the expiration date of the lost or damaged Card. The Holder of the duplicate is not entitled to any additional insurances or services, as the duplicate only confirms benefits already in existence.


Art. 8

1. The Card validity period is twelve months from the day of purchase.

2. In case of Cards issued jointly with banks, the Card validity period is twelve months from the day of its issuing.


Art. 9

If the rightful Holder makes the Card available to the third party, the benefits related to the Card are automatically revoked. After receiving and verifying information about such incident, YPM Sp. z o.o. shall take up actions leading to blocking the Holder's usage of discounts and services granted by the Card. The person whose rights expired due to the reasons listed above is not eligible for reimbursement of the issue fee costs.


Art. 10

Terms and Conditions in case of EURO26 Cards created in collaboration with banks, particularly the conditions necessary for obtaining said Card, rules of using the Card, its expiry date and the ability to obtain a replacement, can be found in account terms and conditions, relevant Card agreement and other bank regulations. In case of a clash between these terms and conditions and the bank's terms and conditions, the latter takes primacy.


Art. 11

The terms and conditions of purchasing and usage (including the offer) of the Card issued jointly by YPM Sp. z o.o. and another institution may be regulated separately in Terms and Conditions or other acts relevant to said Card and agreed on by the Association and the cooperating party. In case of aspects regulated by such acts the rules within these Terms and Conditions have no application or are modified accordingly.


Art. 12

1. The member fee and additional insurance payment mentioned in Art.2, Par. 2. of these Terms and Conditions in relevance to different Card variants presented therein, are listed in Polish zloty (PLN), with VAT included.

2. The sum of the member fee on the day of filling and sending in the member application form on-line, as well as the sum of additional insurance fee (as mentioned in Art. 2, Par. 2) appointed at the same time on the website, are binding for YPM, PYPA and the applicant.

3. The delivery costs for the Card and information materials are covered by the ordering party. These costs are regulated by local postal companies.


Art. 13

1. After verifying the data in the Card application form submitted via internet in terms of completeness and validity, YPM Sp. z o.o. issues the confirmation of Programme participation – the EURO26 Card – within 3 working days from the day of receiving the membership fee and the insurance fee as per the Card variant ordered.

2. YPM Sp. z o.o. sends the EURO26 Card by mail. The Card is sent to the address designated in the Card issue application form.

3. The ordering party grants YPM Sp. z o.o. a one–time permission to enter an agreement with the postal company to execute services on his or her behalf in order to deliver the purchased item. Said authorization allows to minimise the postage cost (VAT) and does not additionally burden the ordering party. The compensation for authorization is included in the item price, as part of the purchase fee. If the postage fee is covered by YPM Sp. z o.o., the above authorization does not apply.

3. Postage of the EURO26 Card takes place after it is issued. Method and time of postage depends on the delivery address, as follows:

a) In Poland

i. Registered first class mail by Polish Post. Estimated delivery time: 4 working days.

b) In Europe

i. Polish Post, registered first class package. Estimated delivery time: 7 working days.

 c) Outside Europe

i. Polish Post, registered first class package, estimated delivery time: 7–14 working days.

4. YPM Sp z o.o. is not responsible for delays resulting from actions or inaction of the postal services.

5. If the order is not delivered due actions or inaction of the postal services, a new Card will be sent only when the postal service confirms that the order was not delivered.

6. YPM Sp. z o.o. claims no responsibility in case the order is not delivered or the delivery is delayed due to incorrect or incomplete address given by the ordering party.

7. Complaints related to delivery failure of the EURO26 Card should be reported within 30 days from ordering.


Art. 14

1. In case of withdrawing the Association membership by a person who joined via filling and sending a membership declaration at the webpage within 10 days from receiving the EURO26 Card, YPM Sp. z o.o. reimburses the membership fee. The withdrawing party is obliged to cover the expenses of sending back the card and information materials in a state of fair wear and tear. Persons who purchased the EURO26 Card with an insurance policy have the right to withdraw from additional insurance by sending a written statement of the withdrawal from the agreement within 30 days from receiving the EURO26 Card, while YPM Sp. z o.o. returns the Card purchase fee reduced accordingly to the period of active insurance protection before withdrawal, as well as the handling costs.

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