Insurance for athletes!

Sport is health, but also a risk. If you engage in physical activity, you run the risk of injury or injury. Some of them can be serious and may require expensive treatment or rehabilitation. Therefore, protect yourself against such situations and choose the right insurance for athletes. Insurance for athletes is especially recommended for people who practice extreme, risky or contact sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, climbing or football. However, if you do not belong to this group, consider solid insurance anyway for your own comfort. Anyone who exercises in the gym, runs, rides a bike or swims, also exposes himself to injuries and injuries. Even if they are not life-threatening, they can be a nuisance and can reduce your quality of life.

Which insurance option with the EURO26 Card to choose?

EURO26 Cards dedicated to sportspeople contain the word SPORT in the name. You can find them all HERE. When choosing a card, pay attention to these three aspects:

Will you use the insurance only in Poland? If only in Poland, analyze Polska Sport Cards. If abroad – analyze the Sport and Sport Extra Cards.

Answer the question what kind of sport do you do? Amateur? Competitive? Extreme? Do you take part in group trainings? Are you going to competitions? Check what kind of sport is off!

Think about the risks associated with practicing your sport? The greater the risk of the practiced sport, the higher the sum insured should be. It is also important whether the insurance covers the cost of any rescue operation!

The basic scope of insurance for athletes includes two types of insurance: accident insurance and civil liability in private life. However, if you do sports professionally, competitively, take part in competitions or training, be sure to take care of the so-called sports insurance. Why will you need it? Because it will additionally protect you against claims by third parties who could suffer personal or material damage as a result of your sports activity. do you train judo? It’s not that hard to injure your friend’s shoulder… Do you use the gym? Do you want to pay for the repair of the machine out of your own wallet when you damage it during practice?

What is the most popular version of the EURO26 card for athletes?

This is our star – the SPORT EXTRA Card with the option of rehabilitation and liability insurance 🙂 You will find accident insurance in it, i.e. protection in the event of permanent damage to health or death caused by an accident while practicing sports. You will also cover expenses related to treatment and rehabilitation after a sports accident abroad. You will protect yourself against claims of third parties who have been harmed by your actions, whether by causing them personal or material damage, e.g. damaged gym equipment! See the main parameters of this insurance below!

Insurance for the whole year, not only in Poland, but also abroad! (outside USA and Canada)

Covering the costs of treatment abroad and immediate assistance – up to EUR 250,000 – is over PLN 1.1 million!)

Coverage of costs in the event of the need to organize a rescue operation – up to EUR 8,000!

Accident insurance (disability) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Accident insurance (permanent damage) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Personal accident insurance (death) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 2,500!

Insurance of accidents resulting from practicing sports

Reimbursement of the costs of purchasing or repairing prostheses and aids – up to PLN 2,500!

Payment of a benefit for hospital stay as a result of an accident – PLN 80 for a hospital stay of up to 7 days, PLN 160 – for a hospital stay of more than 7 days

Third party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by you in Poland and abroad – EUR 20,000/EUR 10,000!

Travel luggage insurance in case of theft, loss, destruction or damage during a trip abroad – up to EUR 200!

Covering the costs of rehabilitation necessary as a result of accidents – up to PLN 1,000

Cover the costs in case of isolation or quarantine while traveling abroad – up to EUR 1,000!

Covering the cost of bringing an additional person from Poland to your place of stay if you end up in hospital

Assistance of the Emergency Center in case of theft or loss of documents!

You can check the detailed terms and conditions of insurance for SPORT and SPORT EXTRA Cards HERE and information about insurance products HERE

Why is it also worth choosing insurance for athletes with the EURO26 Card?

you gain protection not only during sports, but also in everyday situations, such as travel, leisure or study

you get a very wide range of benefits from the insurer at a very attractive price!

the Card gives you access to many attractive discounts and rebates in over 37 European countries!

The insurance in the EURO26 SPORT EXTRA + REH + OC card applies to amateur, high-risk, extreme, professional and competitive sports!

The card costs PLN 324.00 for the whole year, not for one trip!
This is a small cost compared to the potential expenses for treatment and rehabilitation after an injury or accident.


Invest in yourself and your sports passion!