Tourist insurance!

Traveling is a great opportunity to learn about the world, culture and people. However, traveling also involves certain risks, such as illness, accidents, theft and loss of luggage. So make sure you have travel insurance to protect you. In case of problems you will not be alone, you will get professional help and support. In addition, you will save money because the insurer will take the risk of covering your medical costs, which can be very high abroad. As a standard on the market, you can buy travel insurance for one trip – in the case of our EURO26 Card, you pay as for one trip and you get insurance for all trips during the year!

What type of insurance will be the best for a tourist?

With the EURO26 card, you have as many as twenty-four insurance options available, some are dedicated to tourists traveling only in Poland, and some to people who travel abroad. You can check them all HERE.
What will help you when choosing an insurance option with a card are the answers to the following questions.

Where are you going? Thailand? Asia? Europe? Cuba? Tatras? Masuria? If you are traveling around Poland, cards from the POLSKA version will be enough for you, but if you are going abroad, check out the World series cards. If you are thinking about the USA and Canada, have a look HERE.

Do you practice amateur or professional sports?
If you practice disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, weakboarding, or you practice sports – check out the SPORT EXTRA version with rehabilitation and third party liability!

Are you able to cover the costs of treatment abroad from your own wallet? If not, choose a card with a high level of security. For a small surcharge, you will gain disproportionately higher sums of treatment costs, up to EUR 250,000!

Why are these questions worth answering? Because travel insurance will protect you in various situations, it will cover the costs of your treatment, medical transport, repatriation, civil liability or compensation for lost or damaged items during your trip. So treat it not as a cost, but as an investment in your health, safety and travel comfort! Do not expose yourself to unnecessary trouble and financial losses.

Why is travel insurance with the EURO26 Card worth choosing?

If you fall ill or have an accident while traveling abroad, travel insurance with the EURO26 Card will cover the costs of your treatment up to EUR 250,000 (over PLN 1.1 million!). If you lose or damage your luggage, travel insurance with the EURO26 Card will refund you up to EUR 200. You also don’t have to worry about the costs of organizing a rescue operation if you get stuck in the mountains. Even if you cause personal injury or property damage to others, the insurance will be able to cover the costs of possible compensation.
Familiarize yourself with the main scopes of protection:

Insurance for the whole year, not only in Poland, but also abroad! (outside USA and Canada)

Covering the costs of treatment abroad and immediate assistance – up to EUR 250,000 – is over PLN 1.1 million!)

Coverage of costs in the event of the need to organize a rescue operation – up to EUR 8,000!

Accident insurance (disability) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Accident insurance (permanent damage) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 5,000!

Personal accident insurance (death) in Poland and abroad – up to EUR 2,500!

Insurance of accidents resulting from practicing sports

Reimbursement of the costs of purchasing or repairing prostheses and aids – up to PLN 2,500!

Payment of a benefit for hospital stay as a result of an accident – PLN 80 for a hospital stay of up to 7 days, PLN 160 – for a hospital stay of more than 7 days

Third party liability insurance against personal/material damage caused by you in Poland and abroad – EUR 20,000/EUR 10,000!

Travel luggage insurance in case of theft, loss, destruction or damage during a trip abroad – up to EUR 200!

Covering the costs of rehabilitation necessary as a result of accidents – up to PLN 1,000

Cover the costs in case of isolation or quarantine while traveling abroad – up to EUR 1,000!

Covering the cost of bringing an additional person from Poland to your place of stay if you end up in hospital

Assistance of the Alarm Center in case of theft or loss of documents!

You can check the detailed terms and conditions of insurance for WORLD Cards HERE and information about insurance products HERE

Why is it still worth choosing insurance with the Euro26 card?

accident insurance also works in Poland!

this is not insurance for one trip, but for all trips during the year 🙂

you use it all year round (during holidays, holidays, picnic, long weekends, for quick trips) and you pay as much as for one trip!

With insurance in the EURO 26 Card, you can enjoy your trip without unnecessary stress and worries.

HERE  you have many cards to choose from, but if you are not a competitive sportsman and do not travel only around Poland, pay attention to one of our most popular cards for tourists: EURO26 in the WORLD EXTRA + REH + OC option. The card costs only PLN 267.00 once for insurance for the whole year! We recommend it to you because of the very high sum of medical costs abroad, coverage of rescue costs and a wide range of protection. The price is also very attractive – only PLN 0.73 a day for such a rich package!

Do not hesitate and order your EURO26 Card today!